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IT Strategy

IT Strategy is often something that is developed and then not referred to again for a year. An IT Strategy is not just for medium or large organisations but need to be fundamental to all businesses regardless of size. Your IT Strategy needs to align to all the Departments within an Organisation and must be the Blueprint for the business. This has never been stronger then today as the complexity of systems increases and businesses are faced daily with new pressures and challenges. Leveraging your investment in IT is a fundamental component of any IT Strategy and must move from being considered just a Cost Centre. 

Forbes has stated that IT can't just think of its strategy only in terms of technological solutions. They must think in terms of business goals and opportunities. D&G will assist you deliver an IT Strategy to all or part of your business. Whether it a Security Strategy, Alternate Compute/Cloud Strategy, IT Resource Strategy (see Cloud Solutions) or simply Office automation strategy (e.g.Should we move to Office 365?), D&G can assist. For small businesses in particular D&G has developed an SMB IT Strategy framework where the keys aspects of an IT Strategy are discussed within the Business’s goals. In today’s agile world the IT Strategy that D&G will deliver with you will be designed to meet short and long term goals with continuous improvement check points. 

Your IT Strategy is not static and will help provide organisational visibility and Governance as to what IT is doing to assist the business. The first part of the DGSG process is benchmarking current systems (hardware and software) via an IT Health Check, which is then discussed in the context of Business goals and desires. For a no obligation discussion on starting the process or reviewing your current IT Strategy please contact

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