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About Us

Based in Brisbane, we service a broad range of South East Queensland organisations, but equally manage and service clients anywhere in Queensland and Australia. D&G Solutions are emerging to be the preferred choice of partner for many organisations by providing and managing the software, technology and IT services required to let those businesses succeed. We provide comprehensive solutions, leveraging extensive experience delivering managed services, to innovate and transform our client's businesses, and allow them to flexibly scale operations based on market demands and regulatory needs.

Day-to-day management of software and IT systems requires a breadth and depth of specialised skill sets and resources. Security and compliance requirements add to the complexity and demand incremental investments. Constant regulatory changes can also drain customers’ business and IT staff. Hence, more and more customers are making decisions to partner with their solution providers and pro-actively leverage managed application and business services, to free up their time to focus on their core business.

Utilising our broad range of managed IT, application and business services, our customers’ expectations have been met with:
•    Predictable spend
•    Services reliability and quality
•    Reduce business risk
•    Overall end user experience

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