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DigiSec SecureTraining

DigiSec's SecureTraining Service provides ongoing, relevant, engaging cybersecurity awareness training-such as phishing simulations, courses on IT and security best practices, and data protection and compliance training where businesses can significantly reduce the risks they face due to user error. DigiSec's Security Awareness Training (SAT) ensures that people, processes, and technology are all harnessed effectively together to stop cybercriminals.

Global, real-time Threat Intelligence helps provide highly topical, relevant, and timely real-life educational content.

Fewer cybersecurity incidents

The vast majority of successful data breaches involve users falling for phishing attacks. But security awareness training can help to reduce the likelihood of success for these and other attacks, slashing the time spent on remediation.

Proven efficacy

User error accounts for up to 90% of successful breaches. With computer-based training, you can significantly change the odds.

Ongoing defence

New tactics and techniques are constantly being dreamt up by cybercriminals. Ongoing user training ensures that you are kept up to date on the latest methods of attack, so you stay on track and out of the headlines.

Regulatory compliance

Protect users and data, avoid fines, and ensure compliance with APRA, PCI, NDB, GDPR, and other regulations.

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