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Project Management

D&G Solutions Group provides IT Project Management assistance from Cradle to Grave. The services can be for D&G delivered projects or as a specific separate consultancy on your IT Project. This ensures the right-resourcing levels are achieved for the delivery. 

The benefits to your business using Project Management governance is that the risk of failure is reduced and that all-important outcomes are achieved. Risk management is a key priority in the D&G Solutions Group Project Management methodology and whether the implementation is Agile or the more traditional “Waterfall” methods you will be kept well aware of progress. 

D&G Solutions Group has provided IT Project Management around such projects as:

  • Office 365 migrations 

  • Security and Firewall Projects 

  • Disaster Recovery 

  • On-Site and Cloud Backup and Recovery 

  • Wireless Investigation and Implementation 

  • Software Development and Implementation (see Checkerplate) 

  • Cloud Readiness Proof of Concept 

  • AWS Data Ingestion (see 

  • Hyper Cluster Builds 

Contact us now for an informal Scope discussion of your next IT Project and how we would help it’s delivery! 

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